Why Should I Change My Oil?

We all know that oil changes are important for a car's health. However, not everyone knows more than that. Why are oil changes so important? What is the difference between regular oil and synthetic oil? Which one is best for your vehicle?

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It protects and lubricates, and helps your engine run smoothly. As your engine runs, its moving parts generate friction and heat. Oil prevents the parts from rubbing against each other, reducing friction. It also carries heat away from the engine's parts, increasing their lifespan. After a while, the heat causes the oil to begin to break down, and it becomes less effective at its job. If it breaks down enough, it can even form a harmful sludge, clogging up part of your engine. It is important to replace your oil before this can happen. It is a lot easier (and cheaper) to replace your oil than to replace your engine.

Regular oil is exactly what it sounds like. It is oil that came from the ground, went to a refinery, and now helps out your car. Synthetic oil is oil that has been designed and created in a laboratory. It is a blend of various chemicals and additives that all combine to give a better performance than regular oil. Synthetic oil flows better and protects better in extreme temperatures. It helps your engine perform better in any circumstance, and even lasts longer than regular oil. Some engines require synthetic oil to operate correctly. However, while synthetic oil gives a superior performance, it is also more expensive. Some oils are a blend of synthetic and natural.

No matter what kind of oil your car takes, it is important to change it regularly. If you're not sure how to change your oil, or if you're not sure which oil is right for your car, the experts in our service center are happy to help. At Kirby Subaru of Ventura, we're here to help.

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