Your car's air filters can be easy to forget about. They're generally out of sight and out of mind as long as they're working properly, but a clogged filter can lead to all kinds of issues, including dampened engine performance, higher emissions, and poor fuel economy. That's why it's important to have your engine air filter as well as your cabin air filter checked and replaced if needed, especially with the unusual amount of debris in the air due to wildfires. Our team can help you check your filters and find replacements so that the air that enters your engine and your cabin is clean and clear.

What do my car's air filters do?

Both the engine air filter and cabin air filter are responsible for catching air pollutants like dirt and dust. By ensuring that only clean air reaches your engine, your engine air filter helps to improve fuel economy. Your cabin air filter works in very much the same way, cleaning the air that enters your car's cabin so that you and your passengers can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable driving experience.

What happens if I don't replace my air filters?

If your air filters are clogged or otherwise not working properly, it can add up to an unpleasant ride. Poor engine performance, bad smells in the cabin, and contaminants creeping in through the heating and cooling systems are just a few of the issues that you might experience if you neglect your air filters.

Where can I get my air filters replaced?

Our Subaru service center in Ventura is here to help with all your filter service needs near Santa Barbara. The increased amount of pollutants in the air could mean that your air filters need replacements sooner than you might think, so we urge you to check your filters and make an appointment for filter service if need be.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions!

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