The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Kirby Subaru of Ventura dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

Human Society of Ventura County

Interface Children & Family Services

Did Kirby Subaru of Ventura go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Kirby Subaru of Ventura

Subaru and Kirby Subaru of Ventura believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Seniors Confined, Volunteers Share Love - Tammy G

Kirby Subaru continue to take the lead among Ventura County auto groups in supporting senior services. “This has been especially important in light of the challenges this vulnerable population has faced during COVID-19,” said Tammy Glenn, executive director of CAREGIVERS: Volunteers Assisting the Elderly in Ventura County. Jeff Sukay, President, and his team at Kirby Subaru have been part of the CAREGIVERS support system for close to a decade. Initially, Kirby came on as a sponsor for the McGrath Family Wearin’ o’ the Green golf tournament and Norm Weitzel Open, a fundraising event for CAREGIVERS that the auto group continues to support each year. This event is our biggest fund raiser of the year through generous golfers and wonderful auction items. Last year, Kirby stepped up to show appreciate for the hundreds of volunteers who give their time to lend a helping hand to seniors in Ventura County. As a show of appreciation, Kirby provides free car wash coupons for CAREGIVERS to distribute to volunteers who are helping to shop for groceries, and provide critical medical transportation to home-bound seniors. “Volunteers who reach out to lend a helping hand to isolated seniors are one of the greatest gifts our community has to offer,” Glenn said. “The fact that we have volunteers willing to do this during a pandemic does not go unnoticed by community supporters like Kirby Subaru.” The gift certificates for free car washes at the Kirby dealership generously provide a full car wash while volunteers are treated to coffee and pastries while they wait or gift cards when occupancy is limited. “Our goal at Kirby is make sure every guest in the dealership feels honored,” said Bruce Holley, Event CEO, “It makes us feel just as special to know that we’ve been able to say thank you to the CAREGIVERS volunteers who are taking the sting out of a very difficult time during COVID. Just another way Subaru & Kirby continue to Share Our Love for our neighbors.” Demand for CAREGIVERS Volunteers continues to grow throughout Ventura County. To volunteer or refer a senior, contact the CAREGIVERS Office at (805) 658-8530 or email Additional information is available on the website at

CareGivers: Volunteers Assisting the Elderly
Seniors Confined, Volunteers Share Love

Generosity of The Subaru Loves Pets Moto - Greg C

Kirby Subaru Generosity – Here in Ventura California, it is fire season, which in reality can be 365 days a year. We wanted to take this forum to provide pet safety suggestions and thank a wonderful sponsor, Kirby Subaru in the Ventura Auto Center. The Humane Society of Ventura County offers a sanctuary for pets as well as temporary crates, kennels, pet food, ID tags, and other supplies for those in harm’s way. We will also send out our Emergency Response Teams to assist with animal evacuations at the owner’s request, our primary concern is for the safety of people and their pets, please do not hesitate to bring them to animal rescue centers in the event of an emergency. The Humane Society of Ventura County offers a few tips for pet owners to prepare for a fire or other natural disaster: • Your pets should be micro chipped and always have an ID tag affixed to their collar with up-to-date contact information • Work out in advance with your neighbors to assist with an evacuation of your pets in case you are away from home • Keep a go-bag for each of your pets to include 5 days of food and water, medications and vet records, leash, collar, id tag, harness, photos of you and your pet together • Have a crate or pet carrier to transport and keep each of your animals safe. Bring litter and a disposable litter pan if you have cats and spare poop bags for your dogs • Evacuation centers are often people only so it is important to know the local animal shelters, rescues, and county facilities that will take in pets in the event of an emergency. Find out about each of the shelters and their requirements for taking in animals For a complete list of suggestions, visit: preparedness A very wonderful partner is Kirby Subaru. We are more than just a shelter due to our remote surroundings. Kirby continues to provide "tools" to assist us to be prepared for unplanned disasters, fires being the most common. With the covid lock down, we were not permitted to have our 88th birthday party which is a major fund raiser for us. (YES! 88 wonderful years.) Jeff Sukay, the Kirby Auto Group President, and Event Manager, Bruce Holley made a special donation of towels, financial, Subaru "Doggie Gear" and dog food nutrition and snacks. Having Kirby Subaru as an involved partner permits us to continue to do the work we Love. As you know Subaru Loves Pets and that is exemplified by the Kirby Subaru Dealership. To make donations, Please visit We would like to close with friendly reminders: 1) NEVER leave your animals in a hot car for any amount of time and keep them in an air-conditioned space as often as possible. 2) Avoid taking your dogs for walks on hot surfaces. 3) If your animals enjoy playing in the water, consider setting up a kiddie pool or sprinkler for your pet so they can have fun in the sun and stay cool. When the social distancing ends, we will see you at the Kirby Subaru Dealership for adoption opportunities. Sincerely, Greg C. Ventura County Humane Society

Humane Society of Ventura County
Generosity of The Subaru Loves Pets Moto

Kirby Subaru Generosity - Greg C

Here in Ventura California, it is fire season, which in reality can be 365 days a year. We wanted to take this forum to provide suggestions and thank a wonderful sponsor. The Humane Society of Ventura County offers a sanctuary for pets as well as temporary crates, kennels, pet food, ID tags, and other supplies for those in harm’s way. We will also send out our Emergency Response Teams to assist with animal evacuations at the owner’s request, our primary concern is for the safety of people and their pets, please do not hesitate to bring them to animal rescue centers in the event of an emergency. The Humane Society of Ventura County offers a few tips for pet owners to prepare for a fire or other natural disaster: • Your pets should be microchipped and always have an ID tag affixed to their collar with up-to-date contact information • Work out in advance with your neighbors to assist with an evacuation of your pets in case you are away from home • Keep a go-bag for each of your pets to include 5 days of food and water, medications and vet records, leash, collar, id tag, harness, photos of you and your pet together • Have a crate or pet carrier to transport and keep each of your animals safe. Bring litter and a disposable litter pan if you have cats and spare poop bags for your dogs • Evacuation centers are often people only so it is important to know the local animal shelters, rescues, and county facilities that will take in pets in the event of an emergency. Find out about each of the shelters and their requirements for taking in animals A very wonderful partner is Kirby Subaru in the Ventura Auto Center. They continue to provide "tools" to assist us be prepared for unplanned disasters. With the covid, we were not permitted to have our 88th birthday party which is a major fund raiser for us. YES! 88 wonderful years. Jeff Sukay, the Kirby Auto Group President, and Event Manager, Bruce Holley made a special financial and dog food donation. As you know Subaru Loves Pets and that is exemplified at the Kirby Subaru Dealership.For a complete list of suggestions, visit: preparedness To make donations, Please visit We would like to close with a friendly reminder, NEVER leave your animals in a hot car for any amount of time and keep them in an air-conditioned space as often as possible. Avoid taking your dogs for walks on hot surfaces. If your animals enjoy playing in the water, consider setting up a kiddie pool or sprinkler for your pet so they can have fun in the sun and stay cool. When the socail distancing ends, we will see you at the Kirby Subaru Dealership.

Humane Society of Ventura County
Kirby Subaru Generosity

Runaway Prevetntion Month- Lasts all Year - Cathy B

Share the Love Story: 18-year-old Tracy was about to be released from the hospital due to an attempted overdose when she was referred by a social worker to a member of Interface’s Street Outreach Program (SOP) team. Interface immediately sent out case manager, Nicole, to meet with Tracy to assess her situation and begin case management services to help her transition in a safe and supportive manner. Nicole swiftly went to work and was able to arrange shelter and set up other basic resource needs before Tracy was discharged. Once stabilized in a supportive shelter situation, Tracy was able to work on life skills that would allow her to become more independent over time. She was able to reconnect with a family member who offered to take her in once she was ready to leave the shelter. Through the help of Interface’s case management services, Tracy successfully replaced self-doubt with newly learned skills and developed relationships that helped her feel safe - things that seemed overwhelming to her before she was able to do them on her own. For example, she obtained her birth certificate, scheduled doctors’ appointments, obtained proof of residency, and registered to vote. She also learned how to cook healthy meals for herself and is eagerly looking forward to securing a job. With the help of Nicole, Tracy is now excited about her new outlook on life. According to the Ventura County Office of Education, in the 2018 school year for all public K-12 schools in Ventura County, 5,291 students were at-risk of homelessness – 538 or 10% met the HUD definition of homelessness. Nationwide, 4.2 million people ages 13-25 endure some form of homelessness every year. In a classroom of 30 students, at least one of them will experience homelessness in a year. Runaway youth are also at high risk for physical abuse, sexual exploitation, mental health disabilities, substance abuse and death. It is estimated that nationwide, 5,000 unaccompanied youth die each year as a result of assault, illness, or suicide. The statistics are staggering. In 2014, Interface opened Ventura County’s first shelter dedicated to runaway and homeless youth which over a 2-year period had an 85% success rate in placing youth in safe, stable home environments. Because of the support of caring community partners like Kirby Subaru and the national Share the Love campaign, Interface is about to reopen the county’s only homeless youth this month in time for Thanksgiving. “Often, these are not bad kids, but rather good kids in bad situations,” said Ralph Reyes, Director of Housing Support Services with Interface Children & Family Services. “Organizations like ours as well as individuals nationwide are rallying together throughout the month of November to show America’s runaway and homeless youth that they are not invisible, they are not alone, and help is available.” Please join Kirby Subaru and Interface in our efforts to help reduce the incidence of youth homelessness and recognize November as National Runaway Prevention Month. Leveraging the theme of “Shine a Light,” National Runaway Prevention Month brings to light the issues runaway and homeless youth face every day and highlights the resources available to support youth in crisis. This effort is designed to raise awareness of the issues faced by runaway and homeless youth and educate Ventura County residents about strategies that help prevent youth from running away from home. What can you do? Refer a youth (or parent) who may be struggling to Interface’s Youth Crisis Line at (805) 469-5882. Follow Interface Children & Family Services on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and repost messages about how to get help. Remember that Interface is available for any health or human service referral, just dial 2-1-1 or text your zip code to 898211.Interface is proud to be Kirby Subaru’s Hometown Charity of choice.

Interface Family Services
Runaway Prevetntion Month- Lasts all Year

"You just never know, your last moment...." - Erik S

On a bright, sunny September afternoon, I left my trusty '13 Crosstrek at the trail head to Split Mountain, off the 395 outside of Big Pine, CA. (picture Attached) This would be my 7th 14,000' peak climb. My Subaru got me up a pretty challenging 4x4 "road," and I even made a quick video, before I started hiking to thank my friends at Kirby Subaru. My wife and I love our Subaru and I also wanted to mention Kirby's amazing support for the nonprofit I run, Interface Children & Family Services, here in Camarillo, California. Interface is fortunate enough to be the designated local charity for the annual Love Promise campaign. I always feel confident taking my Subaru to these difficult trail heads as I know I will never become stuck or have to turn around. The symmetrical all wheel drive always takes me to my off-road destination and back. I awoke at 3 AM to heavy smoke and a very bright orange glow. This would later be named the Tabose Fire, which would consume over 10,000 acres. I became trapped by the fast-moving flames and was not sure if I would see my family or my Subaru ever again. I scrambled to safety and was rescued by CalFire Captain Richard Lancaster (my "angel!") who hiked up all night to find me and get me out. You just never know what life will bring you and how quickly it can end. Suggestion, share your love with family, friends, and strangers every day because we truly never know our last moment. When we returned to the trail-head, 21 cars were destroyed, including mine. (Picture attached) Will I climb another 14,000' mountain?? YES. Will I take my Subaru? YES! There is already a brand new 2019 Crosstrek sitting in our driveway. Thank you, Kirby Subaru and Bruce Holley, for making the replacement process so efficient during a very emotional time. Thank you, Subaru, for continuing to Share sooo many forms of Love. AND, AND a very appreciative Thank you!!!! To Capt. Richard Lancaster, you saved my life and brought me home to my family and my new Subaru. To learn more about the amazing work of Interface or to donate, please go

Interface Children and Family Services
"You just never know, your last moment...."

Empowering Local Youth to Avoid a Life of Trauma - Catherine K

A local headline came out this summer highlighting the arrest of 3 people for sex trafficking here in Ventura County, placing this serious issue on our radar. Like most salacious headlines that are hard to imagine, time is likely to cause our community to forget. However, sex trafficking continues every day here and Interface Children & Family Services is there for survivors to help them at their greatest moment of need to find safety and begin a healing journey to overcome trauma that accompanies abuse. The definition of sex trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, harbor or receipt of an individual by use of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of sexual exploitation, involuntary servitude, debt bondage or slave labor; or any child under the age of 18 that is used for the purpose of sexual exploitation. This is no way for anyone to live, not even for one day. Unsuspecting youth and young adults can be especially vulnerable to sex trafficking and sexual abuse. Multiple studies estimate that 70 – 90% of children exploited for commercial sex have a history of child sexual abuse.1 My Body Belongs to Me is a valuable educational program provided by Interface’s family violence prevention team. It teaches preschool and elementary-aged children across Ventura County how to honor and protect their bodies by recognizing potentially harmful people and situations, and how to assert themselves if a person attempts to violate their personal boundaries. Prevention efforts like My Body Belongs to Me yield positive results in the community. The cost to educate a child to raise their self-protection abilities is only $20, while the lifetime cost of being a victim of child abuse is placed at $210,000 per victim. Since the start of My Body Belongs to Me, Interface has taught thousands of local children and their families how to protect themselves. Their goal is to reach 8,000 additional children and families in 2019. Interface’s commitment to preventing and providing treatment for sexual abuse costs little however it requires the collaboration of community members like you. Let’s be known as a community that protects children and youth before abuse occurs. Take a pledge today and join a growing list of individuals and families who have attended a presentation or invited Interface to speak to your organization about how to recognize the signs of abuse and what to do. Interface and Kirby Subaru are partnering to continue educating the youth and families of our community to provide them with the necessary tools to avoid or disrupt the life altering impacts of child sexual abuse. To learn more about Interface’s work in child abuse prevention and human trafficking assistance programs please visit Interface’s website at

Interface Children & Family Services
Empowering Local Youth to Avoid a Life of Trauma

Reducing Food Insecurity - Jennifer C

Since 1978 FOOD Share has been feeding the hungry in Ventura County. This early philanthropic movement started in a family garage, quickly out grew a donated fire station in Saticoy and now operates in Oxnard, California, with two warehouses with a combined 36,000 square feet. Today, staff and volunteers distribute almost 12 million pounds of food or 10 million meals annually through our 190 pantry locations and program partners. FOOD Share is Ventura County’s regional food bank, providing for over 75,000 meals monthly.We are a member of Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief network of food banks, as well as the California Association of Food Banks. FOOD Share relies on donations of food, funds, and time from volunteers in order to feed the hungry of Ventura County. Donations go a long way - for every dollar donated, we are able to turn that into 2.8 meals. This past June was the 8th Annual Feed SoCal. (34,335 Bags of food were donated) During the summer, food insecurities are greater because the kids are not in school. It takes place the entire month of June at various locations all over Southern California. ABC7, Dole Packaged Foods, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, Farmers Insurance, Subaru America, ESPN 710 & Mathis Brothers are always a huge part of the success for this annual event. Kirby Suabru here in Ventura, has been a very energetic part of Feeding SoCal for 4 years. Jeff Sukay, President of Kirby Subaru, leads the local “Dealership challenge” each year for personal dealership participation. (None to date have matched Kirby’s generosity) His event CEO, Bruce Holley is there for the 14 hour day which consists of TV spots, Check presentations and accepting food donations from local shoppers. Kirby Subaru Loves to Help and they are a part of our Can-Tree Christmas Tree in December, Blue Jean Ball September 26th 2019, and a wonderful ambassador for FOOD Share the entire year. Thank you Kirby Suabru for your continued devotion to eliminate food insecurities for children, veterans, and the elderly. To learn more about how you can help either though dollar donations or time donations please visit

Food Share
Reducing Food Insecurity

Granting A Wish - Sara W

The 2018 Share the Love Event with Subaru of America was a record braking amount for Make-A-Wish. The donation is the largest amount that Subaru has generated for Make-A-Wish since becoming a national charity partner recipient eight years ago.The Special Events Coordinator and Donor Care Coordinator for Make-A-Wish Tri Counties, visited their local Subaru Dealer, Kirby Subaru, and presented a thank you plaque to Dealership Event manager, Bruce Holley. Twenty-Seven new owners at Kirby Subaru selected our Make-A-Wish foundation. All retailers combined help raise over $3 million, for Make-A-Wish! This truly will grant so many heartfelt wishes to children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Thank you to all the Subaru customers who understand the impact and power a wish can have on a child. Thank you to Kirby Subaru for your Love promise and consistent involvement in the Ventura County community. For more information please go to

Make A Wish
Granting A Wish

Outrage. Grief. Panic. Exhaustion. Heartbreak. - Erik S

These are just a few of the overwhelming emotions Ventura County residents are feeling in the wake of tragic and overlapping events devastating our shared community – the mass shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks and the Woolsey and Hill Fires. Every year, we send out a Thanksgiving letter to let you know how grateful we are for your support of Interface. This season, we can only acknowledge how gratitude takes on a new and different meaning when our community is living through horror. The people Interface is serving right now, today, are literally grateful they lived to see another day. When you’re grateful for – a safe place to sleep because a massive wildfire threatened to keep you from your own bed; an empathetic ear to listen to as much – or as little – as you’re ready to say;your family, friends, and pets being safe from harm, even if your home is not –It’s a different kind of gratitude. Since the shooting, Interface has been counseling victims and survivors, including family, friends, and colleagues of those killed and wounded. Many are young adults, 18 to 30, some students, who lack resources to carry them through even the short-term. Many were hit by both tragedies, first surviving the shooting, then losing access to their homes and loved ones – because of the fires. Some worked at Borderline, and so have lost their jobs as well. We are working round-the-clock to provide whatever they need: Counseling, groceries and other basic needs, help replace personal effects lost in the chaos. The resources we’ve brought together help people locate evacuation centers, find free short-term housing, receive immediate crisis counseling, register for assistance, get N95 particulate air filter masks, get transportation to evacuate, find shelter for pets, and more. The complex trauma that comes with mass shootings and devastating wildfires is enormous. Ventura County faces an unprecedented challenge – to confront the trauma that comes from both of these horrific events happening in our community simultaneously – and to find a way forward, toward healing. Interface Children & Family Services is very fortunate to be celebrating our 4th year as the “Local Charity” for the “Share the Love Event” at Kirby Subaru. It takes place from mid-November to January 2, 2019. New Subaru buyers & leasers may select from National charities or a local one, Interface. From all of us here at Interface, we want to remind all communities to always support one another throughout the year. Kirby is a wonderful and positive supporter of helping us achieve such continuous support.

Interface Children & Family Services
Outrage. Grief. Panic. Exhaustion. Heartbreak.

Kirby Subaru & LLS Deliver Some Hope - JJ O

Kirby Subaru of Ventura teamed up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's California Southland Chapter to donate and personally deliver craft kits and blankets to UCLA Health, Ventura Medical Clinic. Our mission at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society does not just find a cure but to help improve the quality of lives for our patients and we know that these gifts from Kirby Subaru of Ventura will provide comfort to patients on their cancer journey. This incredible act of generosity was warmly received by the staff at UCLA Health, Ventura Medical Clinic, who were elated to receive so many comfort items to distribute to patients and caregivers in need. It was amazing to have the support of Kirby Subaru of Ventura and it truly made these patients and their families day!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Kirby Subaru & LLS Deliver Some Hope

Appreciation for Teachers of The Month - Stephanie L

Now that summer vacation is officially baking on the beaches here in Ventura and High School Seniors are spending their "last summer" at home before Life ushers them on to new responsibilities, we wanted to give a BIG thank you to Kirby Subaru.We know how much Subaru Loves Learning and each month during the school year, Kirby Subaru is there with a donation to the recipient of the Teacher of The Month award and they are nominated by the Ventura Unified School District.While we know all teachers are Teachers of the Month, we narrow it to just one teacher per month. (Total of Ten months, Sept. to June) Nominees must be credential teachers and display qualities of outstanding commitment to students, service to school or district committees.Honorees are presented certificates of recognition and various gifts from local businesses.Thank you Kirby Subaru for your continued support and Love of Learning for our Ventura Unified Teachers.

Appreciation for Teachers of The Month

Homes Burned & Mud Slid - Erik S

When fires rage or residents have little hope or a family is breaking into pieces, the 2-1-1 Contact Center continues to innovate and find great ways to serve all those impacted. We sent out two-push texts to Ventura & Ojai residents that had previously reached out to 2-1-1 for Thomas Fire & Mudslide information. One text message gave the details about the 8 week long Crisis Support group offered by Kaiser Permanente for those impacted by the fire or mudslides and are needing support. The other text informed residents about the FEMA approval for individual assistance and gave the location and times to apply for benefits. 2-1-1 Ventura County is a program in partnership of the Interface Children & Family Services. Our experience assisting other regions during national tragedies including the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Hurricane Harvey and Irma and the fires in Northern California make us the obvious choice for easy access to information that will help our County recover.2-1-1 Ventura County has assisted over 1,800 Ventura County residents, and counting, via phone, looking to safely evacuate, for shelter locations, available financial assistance, location of missing persons, and information about FEMA applications due to the Thomas Fire.2-1-1 responded to over 10,000 texts in English and Spanish, with 24 contact specialists on the front lines, live, 24/7 to provide the information needed. Just another thank you to Kirby Subaru for their continued support. We connect 30,000 callers and texters each year to find the information about health and human services. nterface serves approximately 42,000 local individuals annually, plus assisting 150,000 callers through the 2-1-1 helpline offering solutions to the urgent needs of families and individuals and organizations. Thank you Subaru America & Kirby Subaru for "Sharing the Love" in soooooo many ways. go to or text211 and for complete details and help that is available for many situations.

Interface Children and Family Services
Homes Burned & Mud Slid

Hope & Harvest Brings Record Crops - Catherine K

Family Strengthening is a centerpiece of Interface’s mission to support families and their children by developing Resource Centers in key neighborhoods across the county. One of the programs provided by Interface is the call center titled 2-1-1. It is the comprehensive information and referral service for Ventura County, connecting over 20,000 Ventura County callers each year with information about health, human services, housing, education, legal assistance and many more that are available to them. The 2-1-1 Ventura County phone service answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 150 languages through phone interpretation services. Launched on February 11, 2005, 2-1-1 Ventura County was the first active 2-1-1 in the state of California. With the "State of Disaster" declared in 31 counties in Texas, Hurricane Irma leaving 1000’s without shelter in Florida and a mentally disturbed man shooting 100’s of concert attendees in Las Vegas, 2-1-1 Ventura begin taking calls from other overloaded 2-1-1’s. Please review to learn how you can help and to see the "crops" raised at the Sherwood County Club. Our generous "financial angels' keep this wonderful call center "on the phone." With Kirby Subaru of Ventura “Sharing their Subaru Love”, we can continue to increase our capacity to respond to such horrific situations. Thank you Kirby Subaru and your continued amazing participation with Interface Children & Family Services.

Interface Children & Family Services
Hope & Harvest Brings Record Crops

Wet Suits Bring More High Fives - Roy T

I suffered a devastating spinal cord injury while training in, rendering my lower body paralyzed immediately after the accident. After having high hopes of becoming a world class professional skier, I then had to relearn everything in my life. With the help of strong personalities and “high fives” all around me, two years later I stepped into skis and loaded the ski lift. The continuous encouragement. I received during my recovery inspired me to start a foundation to help others with similar life changing accidents. Surfing and Paddle Boarding, became a great place for these downhill athletes to gravitate to, water is very buoyant, and fear was not in their vocabulary. They had been pushing themselves their entire life, a wheelchair, metal brace, or paralysis was not going to confine them now. High Five Foundation has exceeded all expectations of growth, have raised funds, secured alternative treatments, aided in the recovery of over 160 athletes from 29 States. Obtaining wet suits for our athletes is difficult. I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Holley, from Kirby Subaru, at The Paddle Surfing Championships. He made a call to a high school friend of his, Rob McKnight, who owns Quiksilver. There is not enough space to express our emotion when 16 Brand new wet suits from Bruce via Rob, caught up to us at one of our road trips. Thank you Subaru and Quiksilver! To learn more, be inspired or make donations please go to

High Fives Foundation
Wet Suits Bring More High Fives

We Have Your Back - Ashley B

Americans are still very aware of the Police shootings in Texas last year. Five officers were gunned down in an ambush style attack. Bullet proof vests are no longer strong enough to stop rounds from a high-powered rifle. Prevention of these murderous acts is almost impossible, however preparing our officers is not. Hence, the “WE GOT YOUR BACK” program here at the Ventura Police Department. Waiting for the budget approvals is not a timely solution. Why wait to save a life? So we went to the public sector. Armor plated vests are designed to withstand multiple hits in the same area and still not be penetrated. Heroism is not always physical strength or a brave deed, sometimes it arrives as a distinguished act of kindness and generosity, which is the example here. The President of Kirby Subaru, Jeffrey Sukay, did not hesitate to participate by providing 6 of these Military Grade Protection Vests. Kirby Subaru is very involved in our community. Jeffery, realized this was an immediate need. “Our customers live here, our employees live here, it is important to keep all of us safe, and prevent harm coming to our first res ponders”. Kirby Subaru really does have many backs with their continued involvement in our community. Subaru & the Kirby Auto Group do love to help. Seeing Kirby Subaru in the community with their “Loves to Help” banner, is a most fitting slogan to prevent families from experiencing the loss of a family member, for a lifetime.

Civil Engagement Ventura P.D.
We Have Your Back

Subaru Loves to Share Best Ideas - Heather S

I am the Programming Manager at the University of California Santa Barbara arts & lectures. I am also the very happy owner of a Subaru. This makes me familiar with the “Love Promise” event that Subaru does on a national level, each year from the end of November to early January. One of the recipients of the Love Promise is the National Parks. The arts & lectures series here at U.C.S.B. for 2016 -2017 opened in September with the screening of “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” and completed in April of 2017. Since our motto is to educate, entertain and inspire, we were able to do that with the following list of lecturers, Ken Burns, Q.T. Luong, Dayton Duncan, Douglas Brinkley, and wrapping it all up with Terry Tempest Williams. ( I so encourage each of you to Google each of these wonderful lovers of these magnificent landscapes we call our National Parks.) I am very well aware of the Kirby Subaru Dealership in Ventura. They are a tremendous partner in the community and I believed they could be a great partner bringing this series to our over 55,000 patrons. I was not disappointed! The dealership arranged for vehicles to be at the screening and the lectures when space permitted. With the participation of Kirby Subaru, U.C.S.B. arts & lecture series was able to share some wonderful history and majesty with our patrons. Thank you Kirby Subaru for bringing the National Parks to our backyard in so many unique formates.

U.C.S.B. arts & lectures
Subaru Loves to Share Best Ideas

Love Is Brewing - Catherine K

I wanted to personally thank the Kirby Subaru Family for coming out in the rain for the gathering of community members that are very committed to reducing the rate of domestic violence in our region. YOU are the reason that victims are willing to say something and come forward because they have access to safe shelter and advocates on call 24 hours a day. 2-1-1 is the "command center ", call center that can help our victims to get help so they can awaken and heal from the nightmare and trauma associated with domestic violence and human trafficking.I would like to thank Kirby Subaru AGAIN!, for the van they donated to Interface over a year ago. As you can imagine, reliable transportation is essential for Interface. We just received a report from our family violence intervention team that one of the donated vans is being used and on call 24/7 to assist with transporting victims of human trafficking to emergency shelter, out of county court dates and transitional housing facilities. The "Share The Love Campaign" which was created by Subaru of America,. I think, so amplifies the true goodness of the Subaru Brand. Kirby Subaru of Ventura continues Sharing the Love with their generous participation in our community. Without sounding redundant.......Thank you to Jeff Sukay, President and Gil Alcala, Partner & Excutive Manager for Sharing your LOVE of community and giving back.!

Interface Children and Family Services
Love Is Brewing

Earth Day is Everyday - Mary G

April 29th 2017 was Earth Day. Here at Ventura Charter School, we believe Earth Day is everyday, in so may ways. Our students continually score higher than the local school district and 99% of our students feel safe at school. Ventura Charter has a highly effective and visionary administrative staff. We are proud of our qualified teaching staff committed to a common vision, and community involvement. These are just a few of the many reasons that Kirby Subaru was the perfect choice to partner with our event. Our Earth Day event is run, organized and maintained by all volunteers from teachers to parents to students. We were so grateful to have Kirby Subaru sponsor our Earth Day event. (We know Subaru Loves the Earth). They provided wonderful education to our kids about Subaru and the "Born Green" theme that exists at the Subaru Factory. The "Spirit of Kaizen" and the continuous waste reduction efforts of Subaru made Kirby Subaru a perfect match for our Earth Day event.Thank you sooooo much to Jeff Sukay, President, Gil Alcala, and Bruce Holley, who managed the event with his wonderful cars and staff. Their assistance will help with student field trips, art supplies, music, Spanish education, teacher classroom grants, 7th-8th grade elective courses, Promotion (graduation) ceremony, and several school outdoor events. Thank you to the Subaru family for the incredible participation in our planet and our future.

Ventura Charter School
Earth Day is Everyday

Kirby Subaru Loves Carpinteria Learning - Debra M

The Carpinteria Education Foundation is necessary to ensure quality educational opportunities for all Carpinteria Unified School students. We are fortunate to be part of a supportive community that fosters a strong commitment to the schools and Carpinteria children. To protect and enhance the quality of life in our community and to insure the value of our homes and property we must continue to provide supplemental support for the educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for all students of the Carpinteria Unified School District. The Board now follows the three-fold mission statement 1. To Promote Excellence in Education. 2. To Channel Private Sector Resources to the Carpinteria Unified School District. 3. To Inform and Involve the Community in the Needs of the School District. We are overjoyed that Kirby Subaru of Ventura has decided to assist CEF with our dedicated Mission Statement. Our "Triple Crown for Education", which are 5 & 10 K's, are productive races for us. Jeff Sukay, President and Bruce Holley, Event CEO, are special volunteers. Not only with donations but with time. Bruce is always on site handing out water and encouraging all the runners of all ages toward the finish line. While we will NOT see the immediate rewards from Kirby Subaru donations, we very grateful for their participation and helping our students achieve greatness, in the future. Thank you Kirby Suabru of Ventura!!

Carpinteria Education Foundation
Kirby Subaru Loves Carpinteria Learning

Kirby Subaru Loves The Arts & The Earth - Joan K

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (OVLC) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, land protection organization supported by private donations. They work to protect the views, trails, water, and wildlife of the Ojai Valley for current and future generations to enjoy. The OVLC protects Ojai’s open spaces and preserves the valley’s natural beauty. As the CEO of Ojai Performing Arts Theater, (OPAT), we wanted to bring a Tony-Award winning musical to Ojai and send the net profits to the Land Conservancy. We thought GRAND HOTEL, which takes place in 1928 Berlin, Germany, would be such a musical. We were so fortunate to have it directed by a Broadway veteran William Szobody, whose extensive career in musicals includes important work on Broadway. We sold out the last 3 of the 6 performances, so William and the assembled cast really brought us a great show. Kirby Subaru was a big part of our success with their donation to help bring this wonderful musical, to Ojai, which in turn, allowed OPAT to make a generous donation to the Land Conservancy. Thank you William, thank you to all the amazing cast, and thank you Kirby Subaru and Jeff Sukay, President, for your participation. With your fondness for the Arts, we helped our Earth. Everyone knows Subaru Loves the Earth.

Ojai Performing Arts Theater
Kirby Subaru Loves The Arts & The Earth

Making A Difference - Mike A

In early December, Kirby Subaru participated in in the Can-Tree Food Collection at RiverPark. Not only did they participate as a local business, they teamed up with the local non-profit, Interface Children & Family Services, as a joint-effort to help their local community. It's great to see local organizations supporting the community and each other. Especially during the holidays!

Making A Difference

Sharing the Love Has Many Heart Beats - Catherine K

Our definition of the Subaru Share The Love is Kirby Subaru of Ventura. As we begin our 3rd season with Kirby Subaru and the Share the Love Program, we wanted to announce how much more than thankful our family here, at Interface, feels, to be a recipient of Share the Love donations. Subaru of America provides a generous opportunity for thoughtful new Subaru owners to make a donation, on their behalf, toward some national charities or our local one here in Ventura County. Interface knows why so many people decide to purchase a Subaru, the reason are obvious and many. However, when the very same new owner decides to select Interface, as the charity to receive a donation made by Subaru, the reasons are not as obvious, but the benefits to our programs and families are gigantic and so appreciated. We are very excited to announce, Interface now has the facilities to assist with pets during the uncertain family transitions. Interface provides a critical safety net for children and families across many areas that include mental health services, youth services, family violence interventions, 2-1-1 information and much more. Both Interface and Kirby Subaru have the video talking about the Pet Care addition. Thank you Subaru of America, thank you Kirby Subaru and a warm blessings to all the new Subaru owners who have or will be participating in the Share the Love event for this Holiday Season.

Interface Children & Family Services
Sharing the Love Has Many Heart Beats

Teacher of The Month- Ventura - Bruce H

When school gets underway here in Ventura,CA, so do the Teacher of the Month Awards for the Ventura Commerce & Education Foundation. For September 2016, the first recipient was Karen Reynosa of Ventura High School. She was 1 of 10 teachers selected out of 800 for this award!! Student comments: "She made chemistry fun and exciting. I actually understand what I'm doing now!" "Awesome teacher and person. She is very personable and her lovable attitude makes students want to learn." Every year she takes kids to the Ventura County Science Fair. Some go on to the CA State Fair! Her positive attitude is contagious. She Started & implemented the Summer Enrichment Academy. She has 3 wonderful kids who went to Ventura H.S. and have graduated or are attending Cal Pol SLO. For 18 years she has played guitar in a band called FIDO. Not in any order she finds time for tennis, hiking, books and gardening; in her spare time she is surfing and going to see various bands. Her two dogs, wonderful family and fantastic friends keep her youthful attitude. "Our time together is short. Love one another and pay it forward... we are all in the same boat," she tells us. Supporting kids and education WILL make a much better future for all. Congratulations Karen. If you think you can catch up to Karen, please say THANK YOU!! for helping to shape a bright future.

Teacher of The Month- Ventura

Blue Jean Ball-Subaru Loves to Help - Jennifer C

As the Events Manager for FOOD Share of Ventura County, I wanted to donate a story on behalf of Kirby Subaru and their perpetual willingness to assist FOOD Share in our fight against hunger. On September 15, 2016, some very special and caring people gathered at the Walnut Grove in Moorpark for the inaugural Blue Jean Ball. The Blue Jean Ball was FOOD Share’s first ever signature event. It was an evening of love, fun and of course, some good ‘ol blue jeans! I am very excited to announce that the evening was a huge success in support of meeting our goal! A few quick stats on hunger and the choices families have to make each and every month just to get by. Every month, we feed over 75,000 people with the help of about 400 volunteers! However, households are stilling having to make sacrifices: 69% choose between food; utilities 66% choose between food and medical care; and 31% choose between food and education. These are people just like you and me. To use the tag line “Subaru Loves to Help” couldn’t be any more appropriate or any more of an understatement with Kirby Subaru. I would like to thank all our amazing volunteers and attendees for your participation in the fight against hunger. Thank you, Kirby Subaru, for assisting with making this event successful! Yours truly, Jennifer Caldwell, Events Manager

Food Share
Blue Jean Ball-Subaru Loves to Help

C.A.R.L. 19th Annual Pooch Parade - Karlene P

The Pooch Parade originated nineteen years ago and is a celebration of love for all dogs. The walk is a beautiful three mile round trip along the Ventura Beach Promenade. The walk is a fundraiser to support dog rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and dog owner education programs undertaken by Canine Adoption and Rescue League (C.A.R.L.). As a walk-a-thon, walkers gather donations by obtaining sponsors to underwrite their three mile dog walk in the Pooch Parade.The event is open to the public. Admission is free. Since 1996 we have helped over 13,000 unwanted, abandoned, and homeless dogs. Almost entirely run by volunteers, our mission is to advocate for animal welfare, seek an end to to the needless deaths of companion animals through our adoption, education, and outreach programs. We were thrilled to have Kirby Subaru provide funds for for C.A.R.L. to continue with our dedicated mission.

C.A.R.L. 19th Annual Pooch Parade

Subaru Loves to Restore - Bruce H

April of 2016 was the month Subaru selected as the month to assist the National Wildlife Federation with the Butterfly Heroes Program. As partners, we are bringing awareness of the declining Monarch Butterfly population and together we will educate, inspire, and restore. These beautiful pollinators contribute to the beauty and health of our planet. They lay their eggs on the milkweed plant, which is poison to butterfly predators but the milkweed is also being eradicated by urbanization, speeding up butterfly extinction. Perhaps the biggest losers due to a monarch extinction would be humans. We love the monarch. It's beautiful and inspiring and is the state insect for several US states. They are used to teach children about metamorphosis, migration, and more. As a Subaru Dealership, Kirby will be inspiring people to take action in their own backyards and communities. We continue to offer milkweed seed packages, until the end of May 2016. Kirby's very own Butterfly Habitat will be donated to the Museum of Ventura County, which has a permanent Monarch butterfly display. Kirby Subaru is a neighbor to Camino Real Park which is a huge Overwintering Butterfly Park. Clink on these web sites, to learn, plant, be a hero, and restore!

Subaru Loves to Restore

Boy Scout Troop 503 Is Going to Camp - Anthony P

I am the Scout Leader of Boy Scout Troop 503. Sunday April 3rd 2016 was the 13th Annual April Fools Car Show, which attracts classics 1980 and earlier. It took place on the grounds of the Chaparral School in Downtown Ojai. I am very, very grateful to all the participants, this event allows our Scouts to learn organization, leadership, and communication skills. The Scouts also make announcements over the PA System for the raffle prizes which takes place all day and this exercises their public speaking skills. The weather was perfect, the sunshine created an enhanced mirrored shine for all the car owners who had their love for their automobile on display. Speaking of Love, Kirby Subaru was most generous to have made a donation to cover the cost of the event space. "Subaru Loves to Help." Love, its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. Kirby Subaru's donation will make it possible! Entire proceeds of this years event go towards our trip to summer camp. "The Boy Scouts motto is to "Be Prepared" and having them responsible for this event is preparing them for life." The fact they are so involved making their summer camp possible brings a huge degree of "emotional satisfaction", said Anthony Thank you Kirby Subaru!!

Boy Scout Troop 503 Is Going to Camp

Kirby Subaru Loves Special Dogs - Mike G

Dear Kirby Subaru, Thank you for your interest and support of the Ventura County Sheriff's Search & Rescue K9 Team. As an all-volunteer team, we are repaid solely through the joy of working with our dogs and the satisfaction of serving our community. We would like to share with you a recent accomplishment by our team. K9 Roscoe was instrumental in finding a missing boy in August. Ten-year old Sammy went missing on a hot, 90+ degree day in Ojai. After several hours of searching by frantic family members, friends, and local authorities, a request was made for assistance from the K9 Search & Rescue Team. K9 handler Mike Grossman responded with his 5-year old bloodhound, Roscoe. During the search, at an intersection where the road branched off into several directions, Roscoe made a strong indication up the hill. His handler followed this lead and soon caught up with Sammy, trudging along the side of the road. Sammy was hot, tired, and a little bit frightened, but was soon reunited with his relieved family. Thank you Kirby Subaru for your continued loyal Support.

Ventura County K 9 Search & Rescue
Kirby Subaru Loves Special Dogs

Kirby Subaru Loves Pets - Samantha M

Every year the Avocado Festival attempts to seek financial assistance for our Doggie Day Care temporary shelter. This begin about 6 years ago as visitors were leaving their pets in their vehicles. (The Festival does not allow pets due to the sheer volume of visitors.) As we know Subaru Loves Pets and Kirby Subaru in the Ventura Auto Center was so very gracious this year and donated the monies to build our Doggie Day Care Shelter. They also permitted our small town animal related businesses to put up banners at no cost!! Staffed with volunteers from D.A.W.G. (Dog Adoption Welfare Group), a no kill shelter in Santa Barbara, our Avocado Visitors had a GREAT place to leave their pets while attending the Festival. We want to tell Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and all our Festival visitors how grateful we are to Kirby Subaru and their generosity for the 2015 Avocado Doggie Day Care Shelter!!! Next time you are in Kirby Subaru with your 4 legged companion, check out their very own Dog Park. Be sure to check out and the wonderful things they do. Thank you Kirby Subaru!

Avocado Festival Doggie Day Care
Kirby Subaru Loves Pets

Kirby Subaru Loves Learning - Dave C

Donation for Imagination was a gift to our elementary here in Port Hueneme, Bard Mighty Bulldogs. With 91% of teachers purchasing supplies for their students, Kirby Subaru was very exited to help as it goes very well with the Subaru Loves Learning Theme. Bruce Holley loaded a Subaru Forester with pens, large post-its, paper, colored paper and a check for a $1,000 dollars. GREAT tools to keep kids imagination alive! We were also celebrating our 6oth Birthday and we were very happy to have Kirby Subaru be part of the celebration and accept their generous "Birthday Gifts". Thank you Kirby Subaru.

Bard Elementary School
Kirby Subaru Loves Learning

Great Partners - Jennifer C

Kirby Subaru, of the Kirby Auto Group has been a partner with our Foundation for over a year now. Loving Heart Hospice Foundation was founded in 1996 as a non-profit foundation to champion the benefits of hospice care and provide financial assistance to those low-income patients and families facing a shortfall in hospice care. Loving Heart Hospice Foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance for qualified low-income patients and their families who need services that support quality of life, at the end of life. Because of generous donations to the Foundation, we have been able to reach out to those in need by providing: Caregiver Relief, Respite Care in a Skilled Nursing Facility, Grief Counseling, Medications not covered by Insurance, Burial Assistance, and more. We are so fortunate to Kirby Subaru as a partner and their generous support for our facility. They are personally involved with our events, visiting our "house" and of course generous donations. Having Great Partners like Kirby Subaru makes everyone smile a little wider.

Loving Heart Hospice Foundation
Great Partners

Dining With The Dogs - Capt. Robert D

Kirby Subaru, part of the Kirby Auto Group in the Ventura Auto Center,graciously donated $3,000 to our unit as a gift to be used for the sole benefit of our unit. Through such donations we had our Dining With Our Dogs, which allowed those in attendance to learn everything about the K-9 teams. Patrol units, detection dogs, and search and rescue teams, really have a huge impact on the safety of our residents.Kirby Subaru's generosity and kindness help make the important work these K-9 service dogs possible in our communities. Thank you Kirby Auto Group!!!

Ventura Sheriff K9 Foundation
Dining With The Dogs